Not invisible

How are you as a mom, wife, daughter and sister? This #memoir will give you a different view of your life, having many roles to play.

It happens.

When you are in a relationship for long, you think you are invisible. That your partner does not see you anymore as you get wrapped up in chores and mundane things.

This memoir, Not Invisible, tells you that you are wrong. In every thing that you do—small or big in your opinion—your husband or wife and your children see you.

Frances Amper Sales, the author, takes you to her life as a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister. And in every role that she plays, she makes sure that it matters because she matters and she makes a difference.

I really enjoyed reading this memoir for two reasons.

First, it is well-written. It is like the writer is just talking to you and telling you her story from the heart. The language is real, the words are vivid.

Second, it resonates. To me, being a mom of boys as well, a wife, and a daughter myself. I am sure, it will strike a chord in anyone who reads this, too. I think dads can relate to her stories, too.

Get to know more about Frances in her blog, Topaz Horizon. You can get her book through her blog.