LAPC #145 ~ Getting to know you

8 thoughts on “LAPC #145 ~ Getting to know you”

  1. Thanks for joining the challenge and sharing your fascinating story from Japan. I’ve never been there, but I am constantly learning tidbits from travelers that intrigue me. I have to admit that the type on your blog is difficult for me to read because it is so small, and the background hearts blur it even more so. Have you considered using a bigger font?

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  2. Loved your response to the challenge this week Meikah. Japan is one of the few remaining spots on our wish list – hope to visit some day.
    Unfortunately I must agree with Priscilla – the font is OK for me but the heart makes it very difficult to read. your post.

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    1. Yeah, Japan is a must-see place. Oh! I have edited the font already and the background. Could you check again if it is better? Thanks, appreciate it!


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