LAPC #164 – Looking Up and Down

When do you find yourself looking up or down and be amazed? #LAPC #naturephotography

I love cable cars!
I love watching the skies, too!
When the plane is landing, I love looking down at the ocean…
and see the clouds merge with mountains and seas.

Isn’t the wonder of the creation of the Lord, just amazing?

I love this theme!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Looking Up/Down

Here comes Christmas

When will Christmas start this year? #Christmastime #pandemicdiary

Christmas balls made of seashells

Here in my side of the world, Christmas begins when the name of the month ends in ber.

September is the first month that ends in ber, so expect to hear Christmas songs on the radio. This sets the expectant mood for Christmas.

With this pandemic still, I fervently pray that this Christmas will be better than last year’s.


Do you notice those snatches of divine messages? #life #guidance #MidliferDiary

Divine messages come to me all the time.

They come through dreams, through snatches of songs, through things that you read which resonate with you, through synchronistic conversations, and most of all, in the quiet recesses of your heart.

You may not have encounters with burning bushes, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t talking to you!

Sometimes I need

The lines have blurred. Like today.


Tulapos Sanctuary, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor, Philippines

To just stare into space and breathe in, breathe out.

The lines have blurred. I no longer know where is business and where is leisure.
Like today.

I sat in my home office at 9AM and stood up at 10PM.

I cannot complain though. Because in those hours, I have shared hope and made people believe that there is a better life, there is a better time after all that is happening.

How have you been lately?

There is a right time

Why you need to wait for the right time…


University of Sto. Tomas Campus, Manila, Philippines

Know that there is a right time for each of the things you do.

If you try to live counter to your personal rhythms, you will expend more time and energy to get things done. Body and soul suffer when you force yourself to wrestle against your own rhythms.

Listen to your rhythms and follow them.